Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Changing education trends in Pakistan

With the passage of time and growing need of change the trends are changing in Pakistan. Mainly in everything but in the field of education people are now more open-minded and informed as compared to the previous generations. People are now know their options and weighing the before making any definite decision. School going children are not that much concern about their options and choices so it becomes a responsibility for parents to choose wisely for their child.
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With the help of growing media and advance technology, parents are aware of the demands of the world. Most of the educated and well off parents rather send their child in a good Cambridge system School than a Matriculation one. Years back it was considered that only elites can acquire Cambridge education as they can afford going abroad to finish their education. There was a miss-conception about Cambridge system that only students who want to go and study abroad can study it and it does not have any scope in Pakistan. With the number of increasing institutions and universities, these miss conceptions are slowly dying down. More parents are sending opting for Cambridge Education System for their children and the number is growing rapidly.

Monday, 29 July 2013

What is best: Matriculation or O’ Levels?

Students who are at the point of choosing between Matriculation and O’ Levels face a lot of problem as most of them do not have proper guidance. In my opinion the students should discuss the issue with their peers and decide according to their learning capacity. Following are some points which the students should discuss and keep in mind before making any decision.

First of all the students should consider the fact that Matriculation is relatively cheap than O’ Levels. No matter how posh the school is there fee structure for Matriculation classes remain low from that of O’ Levels. The students should keep in mind the fee structures before making any decision. There are schools which provide Cambridge education with comparatively low fees than the other schools. But choosing any of these schools is equal to compromising the quality of education.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Best school confirms best result

In Pakistan Cambridge education system was started in 1915 which was first introduced at Karachi Grammar School and Convent Jesus and Merry School, Lahore. It is rapidly growing now a days and parents are favoring this over local boards. It is gaining popularity among the students who wants to gain quality education. From past years it has been noted that students of Pakistan are achieving higher and higher in the results. They are securing outstanding results and bagging top positions.

We can easily count the number of schools which provide Cambridge education on our fingertips. The most popular schools for attaining O’ and A’ Levels education in Karachi are Beacon House Schooling System, Karachi American school, Dawood Public School Karachi, St.Pauls English High School, Falcon House, Generation’s School, St.Peters and St. Patrick’s High School and topping the list is Karachi Grammar School . It is a common understanding that the best school with a well trained staff ensures good results. While picking the school for their child, parents take into notice the schools which scores high in the results table.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Private Tuition Do we need one ?

Getting private tuitions has become an essential for Cambridge students as the syllabus is getting difficult day by day. The need to spend more time studying after school has become indispensable. Tuition fees are sky rocketing and tuition teachers are charging 4 to 5 thousands per subject. Parents should keep in mind that the tuition teacher which they are hiring provides their ward with quality education which he needs to get good grades.
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Catastrophe of Retaking Exams With Reference to Pakistan

The educational system of Pakistan is struggling drastically at the moment and the credit goes to the corrupt leaders who have been ruling the country since its birth, no matter what they proclaim before the election the just never do anything which they committed on before. The educational system particularly the public educational institutions have failed to propel the nation towards any benefits but the corruption. The students take interest in immoral activities more than they should be taking in their own studies and the reason behind is the utter support by different political parties which are backing them with even more confidence. Though the inclusion of private institution have changed things quite a bit but still the system remains derogatory and to rake out the cheating culture things have to be done on a major scale, but according to a recent survey nationwide it has come up that the province of Sind is featuring the worst image of all at the educational level, Punjab being on the opposite top side and has been improving the system for quite some years. The private schools like The City School, Dawood Public School, and many others have put forth their efforts but the aftermath of corrupt leadership overshadows all those efforts.dawood public school A level courses

Every year we listen to the news of leak of question papers of our local Matriculation board, Karachi. Our local board is accused almost every year of cheating and doubtful results. During the examination season it is common to see television news anchors literally shouting about the leaks and cheating in examination hall. The more sophisticated kind is now using cell phones to cheat in the paper. This is the reason why parents who can afford Cambridge education fees prefer it over Matriculation. Last month we saw O’ Levels students holding placards and banners, protesting against the retake of examinations. This is not the first instance that their paper is leaked. It has happened before in other countries of world including Pakistan.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cambridge system in government schools

Whenever we talk about education, all of us want to speak about the reform it needs. The authorities took pleasure in announcement of new schools and set up. Pakistani schools offer two extremely diverse education systems where there is a huge difference between them. I will discuss what will happen if the two systems are amalgamated. What will happen if we introduce O’ and A’ level education system to our lower class? Will it be a good and effective decision if, in government schools, we starts providing Cambridge system education?
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It is a common fact that we are heavily influenced by West and so adopting their system of education is considered the height of learning. If, in the name of equality we start offering O’ and A’ Level education to the students from deprived backgrounds, it will immensely help us ion bridging the gap between them. The student who are clever enough to study Cambridge education, but are left behind because f poverty, will gain positively from this. This proposal sounds very good to read about and it seems that it is proposed out of good intention but will the government be able to provide the students with equal learning opportunities.

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Rich students can pay heavy tuition fees and after completing their education they have access to various contacts which helps them in getting internships and job opportunities. Only presenting Cambridge system education to the government schools will not help to bridge the gap between privileged and less privileged students. The question is of providing them with equal opportunities so that they could study equally. The quality of teachers in government schools and the merit level for them is drastically low. For teaching the students they have to provide teachers with the caliber and training enough to teach. Students from poor background will not be able to afford variety of expensive textbooks and guides. They can not pay for the expensive tutoring which the students from well off families can afford. Similarly, the students of underprivileged background will not have a computer with a good internet connection to help them further in their studies.

Before taking any concrete decision about the introduction of O’ and A’ Levels education system in government schools, the officials have to take these problems under serious consideration. The government must make massive investments to support teacher training programs and providing less privileged student with equally good learning possibilities. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Suggestion about DPS

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I suggest every parents of their child to dawood publicschool because this school have a good repo of their syllabus their trend and qualified teachers .their style and way of teaching is very impressive with care and full of responsibility to appreciate of their management who take care of their child future more than us and they have plenty of ways and solutions to help the weak student and trying to save their future at last efforts. I know about this school each ad everything because my daughter is studying from there. 

I can provide more information here about them but my suggestion is that it better to go this school by yourself and get more information for yourself satisfaction  everybody , every parents  knows about the values of education and also know that the lack of educational ratio in our country if we want to do something for our country then become a very sensitive and conscious of our children education and you have to takes always the good decision which are related the education to our children and choose the best school like dawood public school for them where their future are save  and touch on the sky.
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