Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Changing education trends in Pakistan

With the passage of time and growing need of change the trends are changing in Pakistan. Mainly in everything but in the field of education people are now more open-minded and informed as compared to the previous generations. People are now know their options and weighing the before making any definite decision. School going children are not that much concern about their options and choices so it becomes a responsibility for parents to choose wisely for their child.
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With the help of growing media and advance technology, parents are aware of the demands of the world. Most of the educated and well off parents rather send their child in a good Cambridge system School than a Matriculation one. Years back it was considered that only elites can acquire Cambridge education as they can afford going abroad to finish their education. There was a miss-conception about Cambridge system that only students who want to go and study abroad can study it and it does not have any scope in Pakistan. With the number of increasing institutions and universities, these miss conceptions are slowly dying down. More parents are sending opting for Cambridge Education System for their children and the number is growing rapidly.

                Just the thought of your child competing against the children from all around the world is so fascinating. With the changing trends the elite O and A Level mentality is slowly but gradually dying down. The Cambridge Education system is at least now reachable to middle class or let’s says higher middle class at least what Dawood public School is trying to resolve. The parents are now considering and planning for the better future of their child and so they are considering O Levels instead of Matriculation. Although the student doing O’ Levels are a year late I going to college but the quality of education which they get is worth the time.

                As the time goes by, parents are realizing the benefits of getting their child into receiving Cambridge Education. It is world recognized system so parents could send their child abroad for further studies without any fear of getting rejected. Parents have realized the fact that matriculation system is not recognized anywhere except in Pakistan and so their child has less opportunity to go and bloom abroad. The chances of student with Cambridge background getting a job more easily are likely more than that of a Matriculation background. With the air of change and acceptance of new strategies people are choosing wisely.

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