Monday, 29 July 2013

What is best: Matriculation or O’ Levels?

Students who are at the point of choosing between Matriculation and O’ Levels face a lot of problem as most of them do not have proper guidance. In my opinion the students should discuss the issue with their peers and decide according to their learning capacity. Following are some points which the students should discuss and keep in mind before making any decision.

First of all the students should consider the fact that Matriculation is relatively cheap than O’ Levels. No matter how posh the school is there fee structure for Matriculation classes remain low from that of O’ Levels. The students should keep in mind the fee structures before making any decision. There are schools which provide Cambridge education with comparatively low fees than the other schools. But choosing any of these schools is equal to compromising the quality of education.

Secondly, the student should evaluate himself and know his calibre. If you are exceptionally a good student than you can choose O’ Levels. But if you are average or below average than there is no point in taking O’ Levels. Because having a C or an E is really a waste of time and money and it will get you nowhere. It is a bit difficult than Matriculation so if you are able to withstand the difficulties than go ahead with O’ Levels

Third, the Cambridge education system is world recognized and people trust Cambridge Board for its credibility. We all are fully aware of our educational board and its credibility and worth in the eyes of the world. So if you are planning to go abroad for further studies than go for O’ Levels.

Fourth, if you choose O’ Levels, despite all the fuss created about it being difficult, you can get a lot of online help since it is an international system. You can take help from various guide books and websites. By choosing Matriculation you will not be able to get any online help. Though there are a lot of coaching centres and academies which give you their notes but all of them consist of same material. In other words there is no such thing as diversity. You will be stuck with a teacher and one book with a lot of errors.

As far as Dawood public School is concerned I believe that O’ Levels can give you a good base for further studies but I suppose that it mainly depends upon your choice.

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