Friday, 26 July 2013

Best school confirms best result

In Pakistan Cambridge education system was started in 1915 which was first introduced at Karachi Grammar School and Convent Jesus and Merry School, Lahore. It is rapidly growing now a days and parents are favoring this over local boards. It is gaining popularity among the students who wants to gain quality education. From past years it has been noted that students of Pakistan are achieving higher and higher in the results. They are securing outstanding results and bagging top positions.

We can easily count the number of schools which provide Cambridge education on our fingertips. The most popular schools for attaining O’ and A’ Levels education in Karachi are Beacon House Schooling System, Karachi American school, Dawood Public School Karachi, St.Pauls English High School, Falcon House, Generation’s School, St.Peters and St. Patrick’s High School and topping the list is Karachi Grammar School . It is a common understanding that the best school with a well trained staff ensures good results. While picking the school for their child, parents take into notice the schools which scores high in the results table.

These schools are expensive but the quality of education and the staff’s training is really exceptional. To gain A’s in your exams the students need to study in a good institution, where it is ensured that they are provided with good educational environment which aids them to generate good understanding of their subjects. With the growing demand for Cambridge system many educational institutions which were offering Matriculation have now started to provide O’ and A’ Levels along side Matriculation. These schools are offering the education in relatively low fees than the other mainstream schools. Low fee structure is a very good trick to lure parents into their traps. The fee structure is so low that middle class families can easily send their child to gain Cambridge education. The temptation is so great that parents do not realize the mistake they are making.

Dawood Public School Closed small These schools in the name of “providing our students with quality education” are only working to make their ends meet and churn as much money from the parent’s pockets as they can. Though the schools are affiliated with Cambridge International Examination Board they still lack trained staff. It is the duty of parents to make sure of the facilities which these schools are providing against the charges. They should also compare the results of different schools to evaluate the quality of education as the best results could b gained through best schooling system.

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