Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cambridge system in government schools

Whenever we talk about education, all of us want to speak about the reform it needs. The authorities took pleasure in announcement of new schools and set up. Pakistani schools offer two extremely diverse education systems where there is a huge difference between them. I will discuss what will happen if the two systems are amalgamated. What will happen if we introduce O’ and A’ level education system to our lower class? Will it be a good and effective decision if, in government schools, we starts providing Cambridge system education?
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It is a common fact that we are heavily influenced by West and so adopting their system of education is considered the height of learning. If, in the name of equality we start offering O’ and A’ Level education to the students from deprived backgrounds, it will immensely help us ion bridging the gap between them. The student who are clever enough to study Cambridge education, but are left behind because f poverty, will gain positively from this. This proposal sounds very good to read about and it seems that it is proposed out of good intention but will the government be able to provide the students with equal learning opportunities.

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Rich students can pay heavy tuition fees and after completing their education they have access to various contacts which helps them in getting internships and job opportunities. Only presenting Cambridge system education to the government schools will not help to bridge the gap between privileged and less privileged students. The question is of providing them with equal opportunities so that they could study equally. The quality of teachers in government schools and the merit level for them is drastically low. For teaching the students they have to provide teachers with the caliber and training enough to teach. Students from poor background will not be able to afford variety of expensive textbooks and guides. They can not pay for the expensive tutoring which the students from well off families can afford. Similarly, the students of underprivileged background will not have a computer with a good internet connection to help them further in their studies.

Before taking any concrete decision about the introduction of O’ and A’ Levels education system in government schools, the officials have to take these problems under serious consideration. The government must make massive investments to support teacher training programs and providing less privileged student with equally good learning possibilities. 

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