Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Catastrophe of Retaking Exams With Reference to Pakistan

The educational system of Pakistan is struggling drastically at the moment and the credit goes to the corrupt leaders who have been ruling the country since its birth, no matter what they proclaim before the election the just never do anything which they committed on before. The educational system particularly the public educational institutions have failed to propel the nation towards any benefits but the corruption. The students take interest in immoral activities more than they should be taking in their own studies and the reason behind is the utter support by different political parties which are backing them with even more confidence. Though the inclusion of private institution have changed things quite a bit but still the system remains derogatory and to rake out the cheating culture things have to be done on a major scale, but according to a recent survey nationwide it has come up that the province of Sind is featuring the worst image of all at the educational level, Punjab being on the opposite top side and has been improving the system for quite some years. The private schools like The City School, Dawood Public School, and many others have put forth their efforts but the aftermath of corrupt leadership overshadows all those efforts.dawood public school A level courses

Every year we listen to the news of leak of question papers of our local Matriculation board, Karachi. Our local board is accused almost every year of cheating and doubtful results. During the examination season it is common to see television news anchors literally shouting about the leaks and cheating in examination hall. The more sophisticated kind is now using cell phones to cheat in the paper. This is the reason why parents who can afford Cambridge education fees prefer it over Matriculation. Last month we saw O’ Levels students holding placards and banners, protesting against the retake of examinations. This is not the first instance that their paper is leaked. It has happened before in other countries of world including Pakistan.

Anyone who has studied in Cambridge education system knows it well that how much stress full it is to prepare for the exams. The fact that students are bemoaning because O’ Levels are the worst exams of all. The investigation for the security breach is still going on with the initial statement of CIE Board that “British Consul Pakistan was not party to this compromise in anyway” but the question is that where else in the world students take Pakistan Studies and Islamiat paper.Dawood Public School Closed small

Cambridge International Examination Board is preferred by parents because of its credibility. No matter how reputable the institution is it can face issues. However, unlike any other Pakistani local board, swift action was taken to cure the problem. The matter of security breach is not new but the out raged protests and demonstrations by parents and students were definitely new. Moreover the hype which media created also results in causing distress among the students.

To maintain the credibility and to give rightful grades to students CIE has taken the extreme step of retaking the examinations. It was done for good intention for the betterment of the students. Why the students are resisting so much for the retake of exams? Apart from retaking examinations the board is left with only option of marking all the children with same grades which means that the bright students and the dull ones will all be marked same. It will not be beneficial for the students to have a C on their reports for the rest of their lives. We should and must understand the importance of retaking exams though they are stressful and difficult but the students will get the grades they deserved.

But yet again the educational system needs a big re-haul, and for that every little details must be given attention what it actually deserves, the province of Sind in particular needs more attention and authoritative actions must be taken to improve the structure, the political parties supporting unethical activities must be culminated permanently from the system as they are one of the big hurdles in the improvisation phase of the educational system. We need something different in terms of administration and if proper steps are taken then the whole corrupt breed can be raked out. 

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