Sunday, 23 June 2013

What really education is all about!

I want to discuss the real significance to train and learning according to me now. In my perspective knowledge is not the curriculum that we are being trained. It is neither the treatments nor the realistic. Rather knowledge is a way to go forward and accomplish yourself. Keep in mind I am not saying to succeed but to accomplish yourself, indicates the real significance of your being, the whole objective of your lifestyle. Education is a way that creates our lifestyle easy and better for you. It creates you 100 % free unburdened as it gives the energy of self choice to you.

As someone said, "Education is what continues to be when you ignore everything you have learned." You can claim that nothing continues to be when we ignore everything. But it is not so. You can ignore what is in your thoughts but not what is in your being. I mean that some factors are populated in us and goes beyond the restrictions of our thoughts. The example is in the film "Ghajini". In the film, although Aamir khan does not remember everything in 15 moments yet he didn't ignore how to eat, consume, and all the primary factors. The main motive of this article by Dawood public school education is to serve their audience with the benefits education comes up with.

Hence the author of the quotation said, "Education is what continues to be, when you ignore everything". Like you can never ignore what is excellent and what is bad even if you reduce your storage. Our whole being is so much programmed from the starting of our lifestyles that we are not able to identify some factors that are beyond our thoughts. Just like that knowledge never results in you and create you recognize your real being.

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